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Site Assessment

Understanding when and how regulation must be applied to your situation requires advanced continual training. As the governing agencies gain knowledge regarding contamination and the short- and long-term effects, the regulations continue to change. Cost-effective solutions require knowledge and understanding of these changes. Since Filco’s staff have continuous communications with the regulatory agencies, we will be able to assist you to understand and implement cost-effective solutions that are protective of human health and the environment. Filco specialists can assist you with possible insurance coverage for the cost of cleanups including Homeowners Insurance and State of Washington Pollution Liability Insurance Agency.

commercial tank removal

Commercial Tanks

Filco can help you assist you with commercial heating oil tanks as well as tanks used for fueling or generators. These tanks are all different, so please call Filco at 206-547-8347 for individualized assistance.


To save you time, Filco will obtain all required permits, meet with the inspectors and provide all necessary documentation and a decommissioning certificate for you.

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