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What Is the Condition of Your Oil Tank, Is It Leaking?

If you are installing a new tank or replacing an old tank that has failed, Filco can expertly supply all labor, material, and permits to install your new tank. We can advise you on the different tank options of installing an underground heating oil tank or installing an outdoor above ground heating oil tank.

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Replacing Your Tank

When replacing your tank, Filco will first pump out the oil and then excavate and remove your old heating oil tank. Your tank is then transported off-site to be cut, cleaned and scrapped. A new underground storage tank is installed in its place or a new above ground oil tank is installed. The hole in your yard is backfilled and compacted. In most cases, the ground cover and/or sod can be reused to restore your property. When replacing an existing tank, usable oil will be saved from the old tank and put into the new tank.

Get Started Today

If you suspect that your underground oil tank has leaked, Filco can perform a soil test for verification. This may prevent you from making a mistake today which could cost you more money in the future.

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